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Workload Calculator [CI]

Individual Workload / Charge Individuelle

The charge individuelle (CI) is a measure of a teacher's workload.
A full-time annual workload is considered to be 80 units, but the College
may assign up to 88 units (110%) before having to compensate a teacher
for having an overload. The CI factors in the number of courses taught,
the number of different course preparations per semester and the number
of students in each class (as of the drop date). There are additional
calculations for teachers supervising student fieldwork (stages), with
release time, or who have to travel between teaching areas. The complete
formula appears in Annex I-1 of the collective agreement.

Department Chairs may wish to estimate teacher CIs when apportioning
the teaching resources allocated to the department each semester in order
to create equitable individual teacher workloads. It is not a perfect tool,
but it is fairly simple and straightforward to use.

The attached Excel file can be used to calculate CIs.

CI Calculator Spreadsheet (Excel file)
CI Calculator - For Nursing (Excel file)

This spreadsheet is modelled on that of the Dawson Teachers Union (DTU).
We thank them for allowing us to use their's as a model.

April 2013 Update:

The calculator was updated to account for a change in the PES calculation, to
take effect in the 2013-2014 academic year.

An option to include stage courses with Nejk was also added.

Another change that will be in effect is the calculation of clinical hours for nursing teachers. For that purpose, a separate spreadsheet was created specifically for nursing.

April 2011 Update:

The calculator was updated to account for two changes in the new collective agreement:

- the preparation factor (HP) for four or more preps is now 1.9
- for PES >490 the factor is now 0.05

These changes should reduce the allowable CI for those with 4+ preps or large
class sizes.

April 2010 Update:

We added fields to calculate the CI adjustment for travel between different
teaching sites on the same day (i.e. for a Nursing teacher supervising students
at different clinical sites).

January 2010 Update:

We made two modifications:



Lecture and lab periods must now be specified so that Hours of Preparation is calculated correctly.


Release time is now entered as a percentage of the semester's workload
(e.g. if you are a department coordinator with a one-quarter release over
the year, enter '25' in the release field for each semester).


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