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The JACFA Treasurer is responsible for:
— keeping accurate records of income and expenditures;
— making the necessary disbursements of funds as authorized;
— presenting an annual financial report for the approval by the General Assembly.

• 2015-2016 Financial Statement;
• 2014-2015 Financial Statement;
• 2013-2014 Financial Statement;
2012-2013 Financial Statement;
2011-2012 Financial Statement;
2010-2011 Financial Statement;
2009-2010 Financial Statement;
2008-2009 Financial Statement;
2007-2008 Financial Statement;
2006-2007 Financial Statement;
2005-2006 Financial Statement;
2004-2005 Financial Statement;
2003-2004 Financial Statement;
2002-2003 Financial Statement;
2001-2002 Financial Statement;

  1. Union Dues

    Union dues are set by the JACFA General Assembly, currently at 1.6% of salary. 
    Of this 1.6%, we remit:

    — 0.5% to our union federation (FNEEQ)
    — 0.72% to our union confederation (the CSN)
    — 0.06% to the Montreal Central Council of the CSN

The balance is used to pay our local union expenses (see the
Financial Statements).

  1. Financial Review Committee

JACFA has a Financial Review Committee of three faculty members, elected
each year by the General Assembly, with the mandate to meet with JACFA's
Treasurer to review the revenues and expenditures of the association once each semester, and make recommendations, if necessary, to the Executive and to the General Assembly. For the 2011-2012 academic year, the members of this
committee are Roy Fu (HPR), Christine Jacobs (ILT) and Caroline Viger (Physics).

  1. Financial Donations

JACFA's policy on donations, adopted by the General Assembly on
January 28, 1992, is as follows:

Donations made by JACFA are restricted to:
a) Other unions;

b) Activities or events directly associated with, or sponsored by
John Abbott College.

Members requesting donations will submit them to the General Assembly
via the Executive. The Executive will place requests that conform to the
donation policy on the agenda of the General Assembly. Should the
Executive decide that the request does not conform to the donation policy,
the member may appeal the decision of the Executive to the General Assembly.

If any member, in attendance at a General Assembly, questions
whether or not a donation request conforms to the donation policy,
the General Assembly shall decide the issue by vote, prior to its
acceptance or refusal to grant the donation request. 

According to the JACFA Constitution, a minimum of 24 hours notice must be
given to members for any motion with financial implications.


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Last update: April 30, 2013