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Academic Year 2008-2009

Academic Council

Academic Council is a sub-committee of the Board of Governors which provides advice to the College on all academic issues.

Faculty Representatives:

• Suzanne Black, Chemistry
• Stephen Bryce, Geoscience 
• Daniel Gosselin, French
• Paul Jones, HPR
• Alex Panassenko, Mathematics
• Yves Saint-Pierre, English
• Bert Somers, HEPS
• Abe Sosnowicz, English
• Bruce Tracy, Physics
• James Vanstone, HEPS — Chair
• Carl Witchel, HPR

Permanent Substitutes:

• Violaine Arès, HPR
• Daniel Simeone, Mathematics
• Peter Solonysnyj, HEPS

Faculty Professional Development Committee

FPDC is a parity committee of JACFA and the College that establishes faculty professional development priorities and allocates the professional development fund.

Faculty Representatives:

• Anna Mae Barrett, Nursing
• Pierre Dussol, Theatre
• Rekha Iyer, Chemistry
• Susan Regan, PDHT
• James Vanstone, HEPS

Financial Review Committee

The JACFA Financial Review Committee meets with JACFA’s treasurer to review the revenues and expenditures of the association once each semester, and makes recommendations, if necessary, to the Executive and to the General Assembly.

• Violaine Arès, HPR
• William Richardson, Mathematics
• Christine Jacobs, ILT
• Stephen Bryce, JACFA —Treasurer (ex-officio)

Sexual Harassment Committee

The Sexual Harassment committee’s work is to advise the College and to raise awareness within the college community about the issue of sexual harassment.

Faculty Representatives:
• Roksanna Nazneen, Sociology
• Stephen Bryce, Geography

Psychological Harassment Committee

The Psychological Harassment Committee’s work is to advise the College and to raise awareness within the college community about the issue of psychological harassment.

Faculty Representatives:
• Liliane Bohbot, P.D.H.T.
• Faye Trecartin, English

Research & Development Committee

The R&D committee meets to review and recommend approval of all research projects conducted at the college.

Faculty Representatives:
• Ute Beffert, Nursing
• Murray Bronet, Chemistry
• Linda Knight, Correctional/Psychology
• Julie Podmore, Geoscience

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee advises the College on environmental sustainability issues.

Faculty Representatives:
• Jessica Burpee, Geography
• David Janzen, Mathematics
• Ryan Young, Creative Arts

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