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Parental Issues


Our collective agreement has specific provisions (5-6.00) dealing with maternity, paternity and adoption leaves which increase the benefits available from the provincial and federal government programs. FNEEQ's complete and newly
revised Parental Guide is available in its original French version and in
English, and explains this in more detail.

Contact Richard Masters for more information about parental leaves.


Major Changes:

In the FNEEQ 2010-2015 collective agreement, some changes are:

- paternity leave increased from five days to five weeks with full benefits
- leaves for family responsibilities now up to 10 days (instead of 6), are now
extended to cover children, spouse/partner, parents, siblings, grandparents

Read more about it in the May 2011 JACFA News!



Priority for Campus Daycare Centre 

John Abbott staff members have regained their priority at the daycare along with McGill staff and students. As there is a waiting list for available spaces, you should contact them as soon as you know that you want to register your child there.
It is advisable for you make sure that you are on many lists at different daycares
as you have no guaranteed spot on campus.

You can contact the daycare at:

Campus Daycare Centre
1, Maple Avenue
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC
H9X 2E3
Tel.: (514) 398-7951


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