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We negotiate our contract at three "tables":

• at the central table, provisions for all of the public sector are negotiated
(pensions provisions and salary increases, etc.) for all workers across the Quebec public and parapublic sector. We are represented there by the CSN;

• at the sectoral table, provisions that apply to teachers in cegeps are 
negotiated with our employers (the Comite patronal de negociation des colleges 
or CPNC). We are represented there by FNEEQ's Negotiation and Mobilization Committee, made up of elected teacher representatives;

• at the "Federations " table, provisions defined under the law as "local" are negotiated and "recommended" to each college and union by the Federation of Cegeps and FNEEQ. 

JACFA delegates (Jean-Marc Beausoleil and Roy Fu) regularly attend meetings 
of the FNEEQ Regroupement Cegep where we are given reports on what is going 
on at all three tables. We report back to you at JACFA general assemblies and in 
the JACFA News. 


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Last update: March 17, 2015 [kh]