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Travel Insurance

Our Health Insurance policy refunds emergency medical expenses incurred
outside the province of residence at 100% up to $2 000 000 lifetime
for trips up to 180 days.

We strongly advise you to take your Travel Insurance Card with you when
you travel. It includes your carrier number, policy number, ID number with 
La Capitale, and the telephone numbers you will need in case of emergency. 

The telephone numbers are:

• in Canada and the USA (1-800-363-9050)
• in the rest of the world toll-free (1-514-985-2281)

Travel cancellation insurance is also provided up to $5000 per insured
person per trip. See your "Insurance Booklet" for details.

For more detailed information about our travel insurance:

Travel insurance is included in the premiums paid for health insurance in the FNEEQ plan with La Capitale.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions and Travel

Please note that travel insurance coverage may be excluded for medical
conditions for which you are hospitalized, receive or are prescribed medical
treatment during the 90 days prior to your departure date, unless it is
proven to the Insurer's satisfaction that the insured's condition is stabilized. A change to a prescription drug, its dosage, or its use is considered medical
treatment. It is strongly recommended that persons with serious health problems communicate with La Capitale prior to their departure.

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Last update: April 19, 2012