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When you are first hired at John Abbott, you may become eligible to sign up for
our group insurance plans. They are an important part of our acting together
as a union to help take care of our fellow members and their families who
end up in the unfortunate position of needing assistance.
For some of these plans, you need to make decisions right away. You have 
31 days from the start of your first contract to sign up at Administrative 
Services without providing proof of insurability (no medical exam required 
or preconditions excluded).

Group Insurance

The following group insurance plans are available for JACFA members and
their families:

Health Insurance
Travel Insurance
Life Insurance (including Accidental Death and Dismemberment)
Salary Insurance
Long-Term Disability Insurance
Dental Insurance 

More information is available clicking on the links at the top of the page or
by going to the FNEEQ or La Capitale websites.

Group Insurance Renewal -- January 2012

The maximum lifetime reimbursment for Travel Insurance is now $2 000 000.

Group Insurance Renewal -- January 2011

FNEEQ unions voted to change insurance coverage starting in January 2011 by:

- increasing per visit reimbursement for professional fees from $30 to $35

- adding service provider default to travel cancellation coverage, and

- changing reimbursement for generic drugs (90% for generic, 68% for brand-
name drugs when there is a generic alternative).

Health insurance premiums will increase by 2.9% starting on January 1, 2011.

Long-term disability insurance premiums will increase by 12.5% (FNEEQ in 2008 reduced LTD premiums by 10% and last year paid out its LTD surplus to plan members in rebates).

Home and Auto Insurance

Home and auto insurance coverage are available by payroll deduction
from TD Insurance Group Services. To obtain a quote, call at
1-866-296-0666 or visit their website at

La Capitale also offers a 10% discount on home and auto insurance to
members of FNEEQ unions. To obtain a quote, call at 1 800 463-4432 or
visit their website at (don't forget to mention FNEEQ!).


If you have any questions about our insurance plans, please contact the
JACFA office at local 5506 or by e-mail at

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Last update: October 30, 2012