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Health Insurance

All members of JACFA with a workload over 33% are required either to join the
FNEEQ health insurance plan or to show evidence of comparable insurance
from another source (by Quebec law this cannot be the government's universal
drug plan unless you are over 65 years old). This insurance covers drug, hospitalization, travel and paramedical expenses. Please note that this
does not include lab tests as they are available in the public system

Eligible prescription drug expenses are paid at 80% for the first $2000 (90%
for generic drugs, 68% for "innovative" drugs [brand-name drugs for which a
generic alternative is available]), after which they are reimbursed 100%.
There is no deductible amount.

Our plan pays 100% of the cost (over medicare) of semi-private hospital accommodation.

Eligible paramedical expenses are covered at 80% up to the applicable
maximum annual and per visit amount.

For more detailed information about health insurance:

For current health insurance rates or to get a medical expense claim form in English or in French, follow the links at the top of this page.

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Last update: April 19, 2012