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General Assembly

Next General Assembly will be on Thursday Dec 18, 2014.
Agenda will be posted here.

Collective Agreement 2015 Negotiation Documents

Central Table demands

These demands relate to remuneration (salary, pensions and benefits), family-
work-study balance, contracting-out, and the privatization of services. Under
the banner of "Front Commun". Once ratified by local General Assemblies, they
will represent the common position of more than 400 000 public sector
workers, across various sectors (health, education, public service), and
represented by multiple union confederations (CSN, FTQ, etc.) The draft
demands contained in the linked document were presented for debate and
approval at our September 22 General Assembly, and subsequently at the
September 25/26 FNEEQ Regroupment.
Read the document in French or in English.

Sectorial demands

Once adopted, they will represent the common position of the 44 Cegeps
grouped under FNEEQ and address issues particular to CEGEP teachers and their
work environment. The latter includes job security, workloads and teaching
resources, professional autonomy, the organization of work and remuneration
issues that are particular to the sector. The draft demands in the linked
document were presented for debate and approval at our September 22, and
October 7 General Assemblies. At FNEEQ, the sectorial demands
will be up for final debate and approval at October 16/17 Regroupement.
Read the document in French or in English.

Other useful documents

"Public sevices: a vision for Quebec" situates our central table demands in
the current social, political and syndical context.

"Situation Analysis" presents the specific working contexts that gave rise to
our sectorial demands.

"Notes from April 24, JACFA General Assembly" contains the record of
various issues and demands presented by our members to FNEEQ
representatives during the initial round of consultation.


JACFA Guide For Departmental Rules

JACFA has prepared a Guide for Departmental Rules, Policies and Procedures. The objective of this guide is to help academic departments fulfill their
responsibilities and exercise their rights under the new collective agreement and
the revised Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Student Achievement (IPESA).

A Guide To Retirement

FNEEQ published a guide about retirement. You can view it in French or in
English. You can also visit our Retirement page.

Collective Agreement In English

The 2010-2015 FNEEQ Collective Agreement is available in English (non-official translation). The official French version can be found here.

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