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Insurance Rebate information:

The life insurance rebates that some JACFA members are receiving are based on the following:

- You were employed at the College in 2014 (reference year for decision);

--- The amount is pro-rated if you were not fully employed in 2014 (new contract in August, retired in July, on leave, illness, etc.).

- You paid for life insurance in 2014;

---Basic insurance (obligatory) makes up one part of the rebate, increasing levels of optional life insurance would give more.

JACFA does not know if a member has basic or optional coverage (and how much extra they may pay for).  JACFA does not know your status during the year (full time, part time, on leave, ill, etc.)¹.  This is why the amounts are different from one teacher to another.

This rebate only applies to life insurance, not disability or dental insurance.  The amount is non-taxable as it is a return of your premiums, money which has already been taxed (it is from your after-tax take-home amount).

Insurance coverage is a personal decision, and again, we do not know what you may have chosen or need as options. 

We hope that this information clarifies the life insurance rebates for you.

¹ - While JACFA is informed of changes in status, we do not routinely keep this information accessible.

For further questions please contact the JACFA office.


2016- 2017 CRT meetings

The 2016-2017 allocation meetings start on Wednesday March 23, 2016
CRT JACFA Notice. March 23, 2016

2016-2017 Allocation Project

Annex I -- Financing of Teaching by Program and Course

- Administration original proposal March 23, 2016

Annex II -- Allocation of Teaching by Dept. and Discipline

- Administration original proposal March 23, 2016

Annex III -- Allocation by Dept., Discipline and Volet

- Administration revised proposal March 23, 2016
- Administration revised proposal May 13, 2016


Mobilization Timeline

The JACFA mobilization committee meets regularly on Tuesdays from 11:30 to 1:00 at the JACFA office. The meeting is open to all teachers. Please contact JACFA office to confirm your presence in advance.

Strike Day Information

Strike Day FAQ, released October 27

Information on Strike day Make-up

Background: Strike Vote Informer: Makeup classes
JACFA Communiqués October 28 and November 2
Form 1 (English version) (French version)- scheduled teaching activities on strike day, to be completed by all members


Sectoral Agreement in Principle (Dec. 7, 2015- French version)

CPNC "Global Offer" [Rejected by FNEEQ on Sept. 30, 2015]

Full Text of Government/College Demands

Click here for other updates

Strategic Plan Documents

Consultation Document Version 3

JACFA Analysis: Innovative Initiatives Run for the Risk of Distracting
us from our Core Mission.

Demers Report

Read Demers Report in French and Demers recommendation in English.

JACFA Is On Facebook

You can visit the JACFA Facebook page. Join our page to be updated on JACFA
activities, or FNEEQ postings.

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