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Fédération nationale des enseignantes et des enseignants du Québec [FNEEQ-CSN]

JACFA is a member of FNEEQ, one of the Federations of the CSN.
FNEEQ was founded in 1969 and represents 89 unions and more than
27,000 members from 46 cegeps, 33 private educational institutions,
and chargé–es de cours from 10 universities.

Over the years, FNEEQ has developed a unique perspective on education issues,
as its members come from all levels of education (primary, secondary, cegep,
and university), both public and private. FNEEQ unions meet every three years
in a Congress to set the federation's priorities, adopt its budget and to elect
its Executive and various representatives to its standing committees and other
structures. Twice each year, the unions meet in Federal Council.
The Bureau Fédéral meets several times each semester to oversee the
federation's activities. Each sector (cegeps, universities, and private schools)
has a  "regroupement" where common issues are discussed (JACFA sends
representatives to Regroupement Cegep meetings several times each
semester). FNEEQ also has various federation committees dealing with
different aspects of the professional and union life of its members: new
approaches in education, job security issues, health and safety, women's
issues, retirement, etc. Unions are also supported by a strong team of
syndical counselors, helping local unions and dealing with negotiations.

For FNEEQ, solidarity with the rest of the world is an important aspect of its 
syndical action. Making links, developing and exchanging expertise, and 
supporting the work of various union organizations have been part of FNEEQ's 
concerns for over 20 years. FNEEQ is affiliated to the Education International
(EI) and the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU).
Globalization, which includes the trend to commercialize education, leads
FNEEQ to seek links with various organizations both at local, regional, national,
continental and international levels.


Twice each year, FNEEQ publishes a magazine (in French) focused on issues 
of interest to its members.

Click here for the most recent issue of Carnets or to see past issues.

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