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FNEEQ Conseil Fédéral

Twice each year (usually in May and December) except when FNEEQ
Congresses are held, FNEEQ unions from all three regroupements (cegep,
university and private schools) send representative to meet at the Conseil
fédéral to define how the priorities and broad political positions taken at
FNEEQ Congresses are to be applied. It receives the annual financial reports
of the federation and, if necessary, revises the FNEEQ budget. It also elects replacements to any vacant positions in the federation between Congresses.
JACFA has the right to send three representatives to Conseil fédéral meetings.

The agendas, minutes and documents from Conseil fedérale meetings can be
accessed on the FNEEQ website by following this link:

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Last update: April 7, 2010