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JACFA Faculty Guide

If you have questions about JACFA, your contract, hiring priority,
leaves of absence, and many other topics, the JACFA Faculty Guide is a
good place to start. We hope you will find it helpful and easier to read
than our collective agreement!

You can download the 2011-2012 edition by clicking on this link.

You can also read FNEEQ's Guide to Rights of Non-Permanent Teachers,
available in French or in English.

Here's what you will find inside the JACFA Faculty Guide: 

What is JACFA?

• The General Assembly
• The Executive
• Our Administrative Assistant
• The JACFA Office
• JACFA News
• The JACFA Website  (
• Union Dues
• Our Union Federation, FNEEQ-CSN
• Contact Us

Getting Started

• Getting Hired
• Around the College
• Preparing Your First Course
• Your First Day Teaching
• Signing Your Contract
• Evaluation of Teaching
• Evaluation of Teaching
• Reapplying for Your Job

Work Organization

• Academic Departments
• Department Coordinators
• Program Committees
• Academic Council
• Faculty Professional Development Committee
• Labour Relations Committee

Our Collective Agreement

• How We Negotiate
• Getting a Copy of the Collective Agreement
• The FNEEQ Nonpermanents Guide (simplified version)
• Grievance and Arbitration
• Teacher Tasks
• Teacher Workload
• Types of Contracts
• Getting Tenure
• Disciplinary Action
• Seniority
• Hiring Priorities
• Salary Scales


• Our Group Insurance Plans
• Parental Rights
• Pensions and Retirement
• Leaves of Absence and Workload Reduction 
• Sick Days
Salary Insurance (short-term disability)
Long-term Disability

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