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Labour Relations

The Labour Relations Committee (better known by its French-language
acronym CRT for Comité des relations du travail) is a standing and permanent
parity committee of the College, which brings together the college administration
and union representatives. The composition of the CRT is 3 to 7 reps from each
party – our faculty representatives are the JACFA Executive. This committee discusses and strives for agreement on all questions relating to the application or interpretation of the collective agreement.
CRT meets at the request of either of the parties. Before making a decision
concerning the following matters, the College must convene the CRT:

• Teaching transfers, agreements with other institutions, closure of programs;
• Any modification of working conditions resulting from pedagogical and/or new teaching methods and/or teaching techniques;
• Dismissals;
• Disciplinary measures;
• Vacation periods;
• College exchanges, etc. (see the collective agreement for the complete list).

The College must convene CRT following any dispute submitted by the
union or a teacher concerning:

• Workload;
• Evaluation of experience;
• An unfavourable remark or incriminating entry in the teacher's file;
• The removal of job priority, etc. (see the collective agreement for the
complete list).

CRT is convened during the Spring semester to determine the number of
teachers to be allocated to each discipline for the following academic year.
In the Fall it meets to consider adjustments for the Winter semester.

CRT meetings are usually open to all teachers. The date and time of
meetings are published publicly before each meeting.


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