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JACFA Guide for Departments

Each department should have its own set of rules and policies on how to
proceed in various aspects of departmental life, from Chair elections to
distribution of courses and scheduling. The JACFA Guide for Departmental
Rules, Policies and Procedures
has as its objective to help academic
departments fulfill their responsibilities and exercise their rights under the new collective agreement and the revised Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of
Student Achievement (IPESA).

Few departments in the College have a comprehensive set of written rules,
policies and procedures which have been adopted by departments in department meetings. As part of their responsibility to define their internal rules of operation,
all departments must establish clear written rules, policies and procedures. 
We hope this guide will make the job easier.

Please call upon any member of the JACFA Executive to provide advice about
this guide on an individual basis or to attend department meetings to assist in
the discussion.

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Last update: January 26, 2012 [ap]