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The Earth Sciences provide the perfect context in which to get students actively involved in their learning. I encourage students to ‘think from the ground up’ by giving them real data, whether it is rock samples, earthquake maps, or oxygen isotope ratios from ice cores, and asking them to make sense of it- essentially, to think like scientists.

at John Abbott College, I have developed Earth Science-based interdisciplinary courses aimed at general science students. My main goal in these courses is to promote scientific literacy among as many students as possible so that they can better understand how the process of scientific discovery works in the context of the climate system through geologic time, and how humans contribute to climate change. My hope is that regardless of whether or not these students continue in a science field, they will become informed citizens who understand that uncertainty is an essential part of the collective process of ‘doing science’ and building scientific consensus.



Courses at John Abbott College:

Earth Systems Science
Understanding Planet Earth
Introduction to Oceanography

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