Calculus I links

Links for the Fall '06 semester:

Where you need to go to do your WeBWork assignments.

Course Outline:
The long version of the course outline, including a full statement of all competencies and performance criteria. (Note: this is a Microsoft Word document.)

Assignment 7:
This non-WeBWork assignment was given in class on November 9, and is due in class on November 16. (Link opens pdf document.)

Practice materials and old exams in various places:

JAC Math department old exams:
Old exams for all JAC math courses, including NYA exams from May 2005 and December 2004.

Robert Seely's page of old exams:
Includes NYA exams from 1997 through 2005 in various formats (some html, some pdf).

Bill Boshuk's page of old exams:
Includes NYA exams from 1993 to 2005, typeset to print out on one page in pdf or ps format.

The Dobson Files:
Lots of exam-level practice problems, including solutions, organized by topic.

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